As Joe Biden is all set to be sworn in as the President of the United States on January 21, 2021, the Biden-Harris Transition has announced key members of the agency review teams (ARTs).

The ARTs are composed of highly experienced and talented professionals, including some former high-ranking technology officials and cyber experts, with deep backgrounds in key policy areas across the federal government.

The teams possess a diversity of perspectives critical to addressing America’s most urgent and complex challenges.

The transition’s work continues full steam ahead. The agency review teams will proceed by meeting with former agency officials and experts who closely follow federal agencies, and with officials from think tanks, labor groups, trade associations, and other NGOs.

Further, many of the ART members have had long careers in the federal agencies they will now help prepare for the incoming Biden-Harris administration.

Once the GSA Administrator ascertains the results of the election, the ART members will work directly with staff in federal agencies to ensure that the incoming Biden-Harris administration is able to effectively achieve the policy goals of the President and Vice President-elect.

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