storage celler

Kasten by Veeam has announced the launch of Kubestr, its new open source project to evaluate Kubernetes cluster storage configurations and performance.

Kubestr enables developers and operators to identify the various storage options present in a given cluster, validate storage configurations, and evaluate storage performance using common benchmarking tools like fio.

The goal of the Kubestr project is to enhance the ability of developers and operators to perform quick and comprehensive analysis of their Kubernetes environments and determine the optimal storage for their applications and workloads.

The number of persistent storage options available to Kubernetes users has grown alongside the increasing deployment of stateful applications in and accelerating adoption of Kubernetes. The introduction of Container Storage Interface (CSI) has enabled storage providers to bring more cloud native offerings to market, creating an overwhelming choice of storage options for Kubernetes users.

To address this, Kubestr offers open source capabilities that help determine the optimal data store to achieve the performance required for microservices running stateful workloads.

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