Kintent, the unified compliance, risk, and security questionnaire automation solution to accelerate sales, has launched a free, self-service version of its Trust Cloud platform. It empowers startups to achieve enterprise-grade SOC 2 and NIST-CSF readiness in record time, without having to buy expensive compliance automation products or deploy an ad-hoc, DIY solution. SOC 2 and NIST-CSF are widely requested standards to demonstrate that startups can securely safeguard enterprise data, and are often a requirement to win new business.

Kintent’s Trust Cloud provides a Common Control Framework that automatically maps to multiple compliance standards, and automates control verification and evidence collection via API-based integrations with popular SaaS vendors.

According to the company, Trust Cloud reduces the time it takes for startups to become compliant from months to weeks, uses AI to automate security questionnaire completion, and auto-generates a portal for customers to view a company’s security program, so startups can confidently showcase their security posture to enterprise prospects and close deals.

Startups can sign up for free SOC 2 and NIST-CSF readiness here.

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