Kong Inc. has announced the new release of Kong Enterprise that enables DevOps-driven automation for running APIs and microservices across multiple clouds and data centers. Kong Enterprise 2.1 provides multi-cloud, multi-region deployment options with native service mesh support via the newly released Kong Mesh to streamline underlying infrastructure and reduce operational costs.

Kong introduced a new ‘Hybrid Mode’ deployment option that enables customers to use declarative configuration to deploy cloud native Kong Gateway data planes across multiple clouds and data centers, and manage them through a central control plane.

According to the company, this release provides numerous improvements and enhanced integrations across the entire Kong Enterprise service connectivity platform to allow organizations of all sizes to accelerate adoption of modern architectures.

With this release, Kong Enterprise 2.1 is claimed to be the only full lifecycle solution that provides the scale, performance and end-to-end simplicity needed to efficiently manage multi-cloud and multi-data center deployments.

Kong Enterprise 2.1 can be combined with the latest Kong Studio plugins included in Insomnia to further automate the API lifecycle. Users can declaratively configure their runtimes to dynamically adapt to evolving traffic conditions across hybrid environments.

Moreover, Kong plugins can now be built entirely in the popular Golang programming language, opening up Kong’s ecosystem to vastly more developers and making onboarding to Kong Enterprise easier.

Kong Enterprise 2.1 is available now.

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