LeanIX has launched LeanIX SaaS Intelligence (SI) which uses machine learning and the most integrations available on the market, more than 3,800, to automatically capture, analyze, and report all SaaS applications within the enterprise.

It automatically identifies unmanaged contracts, duplicate licenses and wasted cloud software subscriptions. For IT managers and finance teams, it provides SaaS discovery and cataloging, utilization and user engagement metrics, cost and subscription optimization, access, vendor management and security, and renewal management.

LeanIX acquired Cleanshelf in March 2021. “With LeanIX, we have re-engineered SaaS management to meet the needs of some of the largest enterprises in the world, such as Adidas, Bosch, and Volkswagen. Now that we are part of the LeanIX family, our customers will receive the best product and technology offering in the industry, ” said Dusan Omercevic, founder of Cleanshelf and now VP Product/SaaS Intelligence for LeanIX.

LeanIX SaaS Intelligence will be available to companies as a standalone solution of the LeanIX Continuous Transformation Platform.

Cloud-native startups and scaleups will benefit from managing their SaaS applications just as much as large corporations with mature infrastructures. Enterprise architects will have the SaaS discovery and cataloging functionality available as a free component of the LeanIX Application Portfolio Management module in July 2021.

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