Linux Foundation’s edge computing project LF Edge has announced new blueprints from Akraino Edge Stack and four new general members. These include Alef Mobitech, HarmonyCloud, Section, and Marvell Semiconductor.

The Akraino blueprints are currently being introduced at the Linux Foundation’s Open Networking Summit (ONS) in San Jose.

The Akraino project is aimed at creating an open source software stack that supports high-availability cloud services optimized for edge computing systems and applications. It is said to be marking a technical milestone with eight blueprint families with more than 19 under development to support a variety of edge use cases.

The Akraino community tests and validates the blueprints on real hardware labs supported by users and community members. LF Edge has planned the first release of Akraino for Q2 2019 with several validated blueprints.

In addition, EdgeX Foundry, which enables an ecosystem of plug-and-play components to unify the IoT edge computing marketplace, is planning to launch its fifth code release in Spring 2019.

Dubbed ‘Edinburgh’, the release will include binary data support, automated performance and security testing, new device services and a certification program.

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