LF Networking (LFN) has announced the addition of seven new member organizations to collaborate on the 5G Super Blue Print initiative. New members AQSACOM, RADTONICS, Turnium, SEMPRE, and Wavelabs.ai bring expertise across cyber intelligence, digital, industrial, and network solutions to LF Networking, while telco branches of Oman and Costa Rica governments further diversify community collaboration.

The 5G Super Blueprint covers RAN, Edge, and Core and enables solutions for enterprises and verticals, large institutional organizations, and more. While Networking provides platforms and building blocks across the networking industry that enable rapid interoperability, deployment, and adoption. Participation in this nexus for 5G innovation and integration is open to anyone.

In April, the Linux Foundation and the World Bank launched an online course: 5G and Emerging Technologies for Public Service Delivery & Digital Economy Operations – Fundamentals of 5G Networks: Implications for Practitioners.

The course is now available on the World Bank’s Open Learning Campus. Aimed at decision makers and development practitioners, the course provides an introduction to open source and the critical role it plays in today’s networks.

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