LF Networking (LFN) has announced the creation of the Anuket project, a merger of CNTT (The Cloud iNfrastructure Telco Taskforce, which provided reference models and architectures for both virtual machine and containerized network functions) and OPNFV (the Open Platform for NFV, which reduced time to integrate and deploy NFV infrastructure and onboard VNF/CNFs).

Anuket tools and artifacts are aimed at empowering the global communications community to deliver compliant network services faster, more reliably and securely, and accelerate the transformation to cloud native infrastructures.

Moreover, Anuket will deliver standardized reference infrastructure specifications and conformance frameworks for virtualized and cloud native network functions.

Anuket will also preserve CNTT’s close working relationship with GSMA, who will continue to publish the project’s Reference Model work.

The project will build on the success of each community’s output. OPNFV’s final stand-alone release, Jerma, delivered CNTT-ready capabilities, including an initial cloud native Reference Implementation and integration of cloud native testing aligned with CNTT’s R2 work.

Elbrus, CNTT’s final release, planned by early February, initiates a number of new work areas, including infrastructure automation and observability, hardware management, and hardware abstraction and network fabric programmability. These topics will be crucial to ongoing operational scalability, especially as edge deployments become more common.

LF Networking said that this work would continue to drive implementation and testing project code in future Anuket releases.

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