Solo.io has announced the general availability of Gloo Mesh Enterprise, an enterprise-grade, Kubernetes-native solution for service mesh management.

According to the company, Gloo Mesh Enterprise provides organizations with a simplified experience for service mesh management based on Istio and Envoy.

Gloo Mesh is designed to support enterprise users throughout the process of service mesh adoption.

As the organization’s service mesh evolves, Gloo Mesh provides tools for supporting developers and operators, as well as enhanced security and observability.

With Gloo Mesh, enterprise users can extend and tailor Istio to their special needs with WebAssembly modules.

Solo.io has also appointed Lin Sun as its Director of Open-Source. Sun brings a wealth of Istio-related expertise to Solo.io; she has worked on Istio service mesh since 2017 and serves on the Istio technical oversight committee.

Previously, she served on the Istio steering committee for three years and was a senior technical staff member and master inventor at IBM for 15+ years. She is the author of “Istio Explained” and has more than 200 patents to her name. Sun has worked on container and cloud native technologies – from Docker and Kubernetes to service mesh – since 2014.

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