Linode championed the concept of cloud computing even before Amazon came out with AWS that took the world by storm. Even in the age of AWS, GCP and Microsoft Azure, most tech-savvy developers and experienced users go with Linode thanks to more affordable pricing.

Now Linode is upping its game by bringing one of the most powerful Nvidia GPUs to its cloud. Linode today launched new GPU-optimized cloud computing instances tailored specifically for developers and businesses requiring massive parallel computational power.

The new instances are built on NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 GPU cards with all three major types of processing cores (CUDA, Tensor, and Real-Time Ray Tracing) available to users. Linode is one of the first cloud providers to deploy NVIDIA’s latest GPU architecture.

These new GPU instances give scientists, artists, and engineers working on artificial intelligence, graphic visualization, and complex modeling a cost-competitive alternative to hyperscale cloud providers.

“Sixteen years ago we were one of the early innovators in cloud computing. Today, we are doing it again. Linode’s GPU instances deliver a new level of accelerated computing power coupled with the simplicity, affordability and award-winning support that has become a hallmark of Linode’s position in the industry,” said Alejandro Peña, Research and Development Engineer at Linode.

These are not virtual GPUs. Users get access to dedicated GPUs and CPU to run their workloads. Linode teams have optimized the Linode running GPUs to ensure that there is no bandwidth bottleneck between CPU and GPU.

“We made sure that we get the absolute most out of the actual physical hardware,” said Peña.

Linode is keeping the pricing of GPUs competitive, making them the most affordable GPU offerings in the market. Users can get dedicated GPU Linode for just $1000 per month. The actual card alone costs over $5,000, not including the cost of CPU memory and other components, plus the electric bill. More demanding users can get up to 4GPUs in an instance.

Linode is offering these GPUs on a pilot basis to learn what kind of workloads users will be running to fine-tune its offerings. There are only limited GPU instances available at the moment, which will increase with time, those who want to reserve their spot can sign up here.

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