LF Energy, the open source foundation focused on harnessing the power of collaborative software and hardware technologies to decarbonize our global economies, has announced recent momentum including two new members; the release of its 25th project, Power Grid Model; and the graduation of two projects to early adoption.

The Power Grid Model project, which originated at Alliander, has been accepted into the foundation. Power Grid Model is a high-performance Python/C++ library for steady-state distribution power system analysis.

The project will provide benefits to utilities in the areas of short term real-time state estimation and forecasting, long term grid planning, and congestion management. The code base is open and available for use and further contribution from the community.

Attendees at LF Energy Summit can learn more about the project in the “Power Grid Model: A High-Performance Distribution Grid Calculation Library” session from Yu (Tony) Xiang of Alliander.

EVerest and SEAPATH Projects Graduate to Early Adoption
Existing LF Energy projects have also continued to advance, with two recently graduating from Incubation to Early Adoption projects, joining Grid Exchange Fabric, OperatorFabric, PowSyBl, and SOGNO at that stage. Early Adoption stage projects are focused on industry adoption and have completed the necessary steps for end-users to be able to consider these projects for production deployments.

The newly graduated projects are:

EVerest, originally contributed by Pionix, aims to develop and maintain an open source software stack for EV charging infrastructure. SEAPATH, which originated with RTE and Savoir-faire Linux, aims at developing a reference design, industrial grade open source real-time platform to run virtualized automation and protection applications, initially for the power grid industry and potentially beyond.

In a further sign of growth of LF Energy, Aspen Technology and chargebyte have both joined LF Energy as General Members. LF Energy members provide funding and resources to support the foundation’s mission of building a unified approach to developing non-differentiating code that can enable utilities, grid operators, electric vehicle makers, energy saving companies and others to develop and implement technologies to transform the power sector.

LF Energy Summit Comes to Paris, June 1-2
LF Energy Summit is coming to Paris June 1-2, 2023, gathering members of the LF Energy community including foundation members, developers, vendors, utility end users and other energy industry stakeholders to learn about LF Energy and its projects. The event will provide the opportunity to collaborate and share best practices for developing and implementing open source technologies and standards in the power sector. Keynotes include presentations by the International Energy Agency, US Federal Energy Management Program, Government of Ireland, and more.

In-person registration fees increase from $250 to $400 on May 20. Virtual attendance is also available for those unable to travel to Paris for only $25.

LF Energy Embedded Summit is also taking place June 30, 2023 in Prague as part of Embedded Open Source Summit. The schedule and registration are both available.

Finally, LF Energy has launched a revamped website at www.lfenergy.org. The new site features an improved user experience and revised look-and-feel, along with new content and resources.

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