Cloud Native ComputingCXOsNewsOpen Source’s Cloud Observability Platform Is Powered By Kibana And Grafana


At AWS reInvent today, announced the launch of its Cloud Observability Platform. Powered by both Kibana and Grafana, the Observability Platform is said to make it easy for engineers to correlate between metrics and logs thus providing complete visibility into Kubernetes and distributed cloud workloads.

In addition,’s Cloud Observability Platform features proactive alerting and advanced machine learning capabilities so engineers can identify and resolve issues and threats faster.

The Cloud Observability Platform is the culmination of three product offerings, namely Log Management, Infrastructure Monitoring, and Cloud SIEM. They together provide visibility into all layers of a given environment. Log Management provides the ELK Stack as a fully managed service and enhances it with AI and advanced data analytics features to increase developer productivity and decrease time to resolution. Now available in Beta, Infrastructure Monitoring provides a Grafana-based monitoring solution that correlates metrics and logs to speed investigative work and time to resolution.

Cloud SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), on the other hand, provides simple, DevOps-native threat detection and analytics built on the ELK Stack.