Automation is one of the driving forces behind digital transformation and cloud-native adoption. There are many flavors of automation and RPA or Robotic Process Automation is one of those flavors. Robocorp is a fast-growing start-up based out of Helsinki and San Francisco that’s building RPA solutions on top of open-source technologies to help RPA developers with tools and platforms they need to get their job done.

In this episode of Let’s Talk, I sat down with the CEO and Co-Founder of Robocorp, Antti Karjalainen, to learn more about the company that just closed $21 million in series A funding. The discussion centered on RPA, open source and how Robocorp is offering support for cloud-native applications. We also talked about the areas where Robocorp would be investing in considering the Series A funding.

Guest: Antti Karjalainen (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Company: Robocorp

About the guest: Antti Karjalainen is CEO & Co-founder of Robocorp and member of the board at Robot Framework Foundation. An open-source enthusiast with a background in software engineering, he’s on a mission to transform the RPA industry with open-source technology and delivery for software robots.

About the company: Robocorp empowers businesses and teams to work smarter by shattering previous boundaries of RPA and intelligent automation. It makes it easy, affordable and fast for developers to build software robots and automate manual tasks with first-class, open-source process automation tools. It also provides a robust, secure orchestration and execution platform to allow customers to run both cloud-based and self-managed robotic automations.



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