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Microsoft Azure to modernize Campbell’s IT platform


Campbell Soup Co., makers of soups and simple meals, beverages, snacks and packaged fresh foods, has joined hands with Microsoft to modernize its information technology (IT) platform through the Azure cloud by streamlining workflows and driving efficiencies.

Why it matters: With the rise of technology and digital transformation across industries, many non-tech companies are moving their IT infrastructures to the cloud to improve their work processes and maintain their competitiveness. The migration to Azure is designed to improve the responsiveness of Campbell’s IT infrastructure, enabling it to be faster and more agile. Azure will provide Campbell with a global, hybrid cloud solution that will deliver new capabilities and provide near-real-time access to information and insights that will inform business decisions.

Benefits: The Microsoft solution will provide additional benefits, including increased security, compliance and information protection. The move to Azure will allow Campbell to re-architect its data warehousing capabilities to be able to support the company’s data and analytics needs.

The platform will streamline operations across the enterprise and provide additional flexibility for Campbell employees through customized reporting and analytics.