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Mirantis Hardens Kubernetes Security With Update To k0s

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Mirantis has announced the latest update of open source k0s, which adds compatibility with the latest release of Kubernetes 1.27, as well as improvements and bug fixes to k0s.

The latest update of Mirantis k0s makes improvements that simplify installation and management of Kubernetes clusters. New features include support for containerD plug-ins that simplify running, for example, WASM and gVisor container sandboxes, making it easier for users to extend their clusters with additional container runtimes.

Also, with this latest release, Mirantis provides its own system images to eliminate the need for custom forks of project components – ensuring greater compatibility with upstream Kubernetes functionality – reducing complexity.

k0s is a CNCF-certified Kubernetes distribution that runs on any Linux-based operating system. It can be used for large-scale datacenter deployments, as well as smaller, lightweight edge clusters, plus laptops, and even Raspberry Pi. k0s is distributed as a single binary, and installed on any node from the internet with one command.