Mirantis has announced the first in a planned series of enhancements to the Mirantis Cloud Native Platform. It enables customers to ship code faster on a Kubernetes foundation.

This first release, already available to Mirantis Container Cloud customers via continuous updates, adds the ability to deploy, scale, and update private clouds on Kubernetes substrates.

Building on this foundation, Mirantis released Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes — a containerized edition of the open-source infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platform chosen by Mirantis customers across industries and geographies.

According to the company, Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes provides a feature-rich, mature environment for hosting both legacy apps and modern use cases such as Network Functions Virtualization, mobile network operations, and large-scale scientific computing.

And it provides this without operational headaches — under the hood, leveraging Kubernetes to ensure configurability, resilience, robustness and seamless updates for OpenStack running on top of it, the company added.

By delivering a batteries-included, secure by default, and certified implementation of Kubernetes everywhere, Mirantis Cloud Native Platform and Mirantis Container Cloud can deliver a simple cloud-like experience that supports all the development and hosting models organizations need (VMs, containers, orchestrators).

They can also help customers manage the entire platform stack on any infrastructure (bare metal, private clouds, public clouds), and provide a unified management experience to operationalize these complex technologies across a diverse multi-cloud.

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