MongoDB has announced gap filling for time series data in MongoDB 5.3 Rapid Release. According to the company, Gap filling, in combination with densification the company introduced in MongoDB 5.1, helps handle missing data better to easily create and surface valuable insight.

The two new aggregation stages create a simple, streamlined way to deal with missing data across time series and regular collections powering analytics for any use case. The $densify stage creates new documents to eliminate the gaps in the time or numeric domain at the required granularity level and $fill sets values for the fields when a value is null or missing. Filling of missing values can be done with a constant or using linear interpolation, carrying over the last observation or carrying backward the next observation.

MongoDB 5.3 is now available. If you are running Atlas Serverless instances or have opted in to receive Rapid Releases in your dedicated Atlas cluster, then your deployment will be automatically updated to 5.2 starting today.

MongoDB 5.3 is also available as a Development Release for evaluation purposes only from the MongoDB Download Center.

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