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MontaVista Enhances MVShield For CentOS Service


MontaVista Software LLC is renewing its commitment to providing MVShield for CentOS Service for both existing and new customers interested in securing high-quality support and maintenance services for their products and platforms on long-term maintained CentOS minor releases.

Despite the recently announced change in the CentOS Project’s strategy to focus future development on the CentOS Stream at the end of 2021, MontaVista will continue to provide long-term branch maintenance services uninterrupted and unchanged.

Moving CentOS Project development to a “rolling release” model in CentOS Stream will substantially increase the need and value provided by the MVShield for CentOS product branch maintenance services.

Customers will be able to continue focusing on their core products and value-add development, while receiving the necessary CVEs and defect fixes to their stable CentOS baseline from MontaVista.

MontaVista will continue offering their stable release solution that MVShield for CentOS provides today. Also, a new product branch maintenance service in the MVShield family will be available in early 2021, providing support of a product branch maintenance model similar to CentOS minor releases, covering CentOS 8 release beyond end of 2021 and the upcoming CentOS 9 release.

Services for both MVShield for CentOS for long-term supported branches and for continuous “rolling release”-based development are available immediately.