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Netlify has announced a new integration with Datadog, the monitoring and security platform for cloud applications. Together, these solutions provide visibility into the operations of modern web applications, helping development teams to deliver a fast, error-free web experience and identify key visitor trends. Datadog customers can manage, search and analyze Netlify logs alongside data from other sources and services within their development tech stack.

Netlify’s Datadog integration uses Netlify’s new Log Drains functionality, allowing all web traffic and serverless functions logs to be sent to Datadog for deeper review and correlation with data from other sources.

With this new integration, Datadog and Netlify customers can track app performance over time or evaluate traffic patterns for security risks–Web teams on the Netlify platform can send a site’s traffic and serverless functions logs to Datadog for advanced querying, alerting and long-term archiving.

Also, teams can create a highly customized dashboard that looks at website and web application log data in the full context of other key data that’s already tracked in Datadog and also process Netlify logs through Datadog’s field mapping pipeline to extract meaningful information and common attributes that can be reused as facets to better organize and search your logs.

Netlify Log Drains with Datadog is now available for Enterprise plans.

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