Cloud Native ComputingDevelopersDevOpsNewsSecurity, AWS To Bring Enterprise Istio, API Gateways To Amazon EKS Anywhere


Application networking company has joined hands with Amazon EKS Anywhere to provide Kubernetes-native API gateway and service mesh capabilities to their new Amazon EKS Anywhere service. Amazon EKS Anywhere provides a new hybrid deployment option that enables organizations to easily create and operate Kubernetes clusters with GitOps on premises, while also connecting on-premises services and AWS-based services. offers full support for Amazon EKS Anywhere running in any environment, bridging these potential gaps with its Gloo Edge for Envoy Proxy and Gloo Mesh for Istio products. As a result, enterprises can deploy consistent, secure, and reliable API gateways and service meshes everywhere they run EKS.’s enhanced Istio and Envoy Proxy solutions, Gloo Mesh and Gloo Edge, facilitate application connectivity for Amazon EKS customers. Gloo Mesh ensures connectivity, security, observability, and reliability for Kubernetes, VMs, and microservices applications with multi-cluster and hybrid cloud management. Meanwhile, Gloo Edge is an API gateway and ingress controller built on Envoy Proxy to facilitate and secure application traffic at the edge.

Amazon EKS customers can now deploy container-based applications anywhere and enjoy secure, reliable, and consistent management of API gateways and service meshes to provide connectivity for their modern Kubernetes applications. This solution enables consistent GitOps and CI/CD everywhere for AWS and customers.

Amazon EKS Anywhere is available now.