Vercel has announced Next.js 10, the latest version of its React-based web framework. It features automatic image optimization, internationalized routing and automatic language detection, quick-start e-commerce capabilities and continuous Web Vitals analytics.

Next.js 10 gives developers real-world continuous user insights that help developers understand exactly where to focus to improve site performance. This continuous feedback helps developers understand how the site or application performs for users and improves their Web Vitals scores.

With Next.js 10, developers can automatically and transparently replace legacy HTML image tags with a React-based image component that satisfies all of those requirements through automatic progressive loading.

Next.js 10 also provides internationalized routing and gives teams clear paths for translation. This eliminates DIY approaches by supporting language negotiation and memorization, while automatically determining what content to serve according to users’ language preferences.

Vercel, in partnership with BigCommerce, has also released Next.js Commerce open source platform. It leverages and automates implementation of common e-commerce site components, with a data layer and reusable data primitives provided by BigCommerce.

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