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Open Mainframe Project Announces New Members, Additional COBOL And Linux on Z Resources


The Open Mainframe Project (OMP) has added ASG Technologies, BMC Software and High School Technical Services as well as COBOL Check and ConzoleZ to its growing global community.

The new members will collaborate on vendor-neutral open source projects with the mission of building community and adoption of open source on the mainframe.

COBOL Check aims to enable unit testing for COBOL applications, including those hosted on IBM Z systems, and can support micro testing off-platform on Windows, OS X, Linux, or Unix. It has no dependencies on resources hosted on the Z system, which makes it easy to implement and key to supporting future technologies.

For developers, COBOL Check will reduce code modifications and offers a shorter lead time to production. The program also improves the design, understandability, maintainability, and longevity of core business applications and supports IBM’s mainframe modernization program by enabling restructuring of existing applications of APIs.

COBOL Check will complement the COBOL Training Course and will leverage the support of the COBOL Working Group.

ConsoleZ strives to modernize Linux on Z by offering a new open source tool for z/VM and zLinux. It is a web user interface that gives browser access to z/VM console data and CP commands, while limiting access to certain teams. It can save more time and resources so teams don’t have to interact with many z/VM LPARs. ConsoleZ is secure, efficient and has a better user interface.

Open Mainframe Project, which launched in 2015 by The Linux Foundation, is now comprised of 43 business and academic organizations.