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Open Mainframe Project Launches Tessia


The Open Mainframe Project (OMP) has added Tessia, a tool that automates and simplifies the installation, configuration and testing of Linux systems running on the Z platform, to its ecosystem.

Additionally, HCL Technologies and Red Hat have joined the project to strengthen their commitment to open source mainframe technologies.

Tessia, an open source project for Z resource management and automated installation of Linux distribution, manages relationships between Z datacenter resources and allocates them to specific projects and users according to a role-based schema.

Using these resources, Tessia can be included into existing pipelines and with pre-release distributions and drive faster release cycles and adoption of new technologies.

Additionally, it enables developers to bring up their environments or try out new releases before migration. In general, the mission of the new project improves experience with Linux on Z, which in turn facilitates faster adoption of open source on Z platform.

When Open Mainframe Project was launched in 2015 by The Linux Foundation, there was one open source project under its wing that helped advance mainframe technology.

Today, OMP has become an umbrella project that is home to 16 different open source projects including a COBOL Working Group and a Zowe Conformance Program. This is a 1500 percent increase over time.

Tessia joins ADE, Ambitus, ATOM, CBT Tape, COBOL Training Program, Feilong, GenevaERS, Mainframe Open Education, Mentorship, Polycephaly, Software Discovery Tool, TerseDecompress, Zowe and Zorow as projects led by the Open Mainframe community.