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User Survey Shows Cloud Foundry Helps Developers Build, Run, And Manage Apps Faster


The Cloud Foundry Foundation‘s latest user survey shows substantially reduced times to develop and deploy cloud apps. Prior to using Cloud Foundry, 65% of survey respondents indicated it took 1 to 6 months or more to develop and deploy a cloud app. That changed with use of Cloud Foundry technologies with 69% responding that the time period was reduced to between 1 day and 3 weeks.

The survey also revealed the rising popularity of Kubernetes very much in sync with Cloud Foundry’s new direction toward Kubernetes, with 57% of participants reporting that they were already using Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry together.

“The survey shows what we’ve seen for years, Cloud Foundry helps developers in large companies build, run, and manage apps faster and easier,” said Cloud Foundry Foundation executive director Chip Childers.

“Since the recent shift in Cloud Foundry to embrace Kubernetes, we’re seeing increased uptake with a new class of users — especially developers at smaller enterprises,” Childers added.

The survey respondents are very engaged with Cloud Foundry: 64% indicating they consider themselves to be part of its community; 33% reported they are contributing to the initiative; on average, they are spending 47% of their time dedicated to Cloud Foundry related work.

Overall, the average number of each respondents organization’s cloud applications deployed to Cloud Foundry was 38%.

In terms of cloud apps deployed to Cloud Foundry, 21% have over 1,000; 23% were between 50 and 1,000; 36% report less than 50; and the remainder were unsure.