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Helping The Hispanic/Latinx Community With Open Source | Open Infrastructure Summit, 2019


At the Open Infrastructure Summit, 2019, we sat down with Joseph Sandoval, SRE Manager for the Adobe Advertising Cloud platform, to talk about the work he is doing with the Hispanic/Latinx Community.

Topics we discussed:
00:00:45 What diversity and inclusion matters?
00:02:54 Why do people become allies, what do they get in return?
00:04:55 How to empathize with others?
00:07:19 How open source can be a valuable tool in the fight for diversity & inclusion?
00:11:43 What role is open-source already playing?
00:14:11 Be who you are, don’t lose your identity
00:17:49 Also listen to the other side, bridge the divide
00:20:12 What initiatives are there across the country?
00:23:07 How to empower others to become allies