The company has developed technology that blurs human faces from surveillance systems.

Whether we like it, or not artificial intelligence-based ‘surveillance’ is going to be part of our lives, to better ‘protect’ us. The critical piece is how do strike the balance between protection and privacy. People certainly don’t want governments to have a database of their faces and being able to track them 24×7.

Traces AI, is a start-up, that is trying to tackle this challenge by removing face recognition from the equation. Their technology automatically blurs our human faces and instead relies on physical attributions.

Traces AI co-founder Veronika Yurchuk told TechCrunch that their technology is a combination of different parameters from the visuals. We can use your hairstyle, whether you have a backpack, your type of shoes and the combination of your clothing.

Contracting to ’spying’ on people, AI can also be used to find a lost child .“You can actually give them a verbal description, so if you say, ‘it’s a missing 10-year-old boy, and he had blue shorts and a white t-shirt,’ that will be enough information for us to start a search,” Shysh told TechCrunch.

Traces AI belies that the UK, the CCTV capital of the world and the US are likely to be their biggest customers.

Via: TechCrunch

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