Oracle has launched its new talent acquisition solution called Oracle Recruiting Booster, to help organizations build better relationships with candidates and more efficiently hire top talent. Extending the capabilities of Oracle Fusion Cloud Recruiting, part of Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM), Oracle Recruiting Booster can help HR and talent acquisition teams improve engagement with candidates, build communities of top talent, accelerate the hiring process, and personalize the recruiting experience for every candidate.

Oracle Recruiting Booster includes hiring event promotion and support, two-way messaging, expanded Oracle Digital Assistant capabilities,  as well as interview management.

Hiring event promotion and support: Helps recruiters create and promote open roles and recruiting events. This feature is built into the Oracle Recruiting job portal to make it easy for recruiters to create event listings, registration pages, and prescreening questionnaires for specific job requisitions. Recruiters can also track registration and attendance and use Oracle Recruiting’s built-in candidate relationship management tools to market events to specific candidate groups.

Two-way messaging: Enables recruiters to send and receive SMS and email-based communications with candidates directly through Oracle Recruiting. This helps hiring teams quickly reach candidates through their preferred channels while making interactions between recruiters and talent faster and more personal. Communications are automatically tracked, giving recruiting teams full visibility into the engagement history with each candidate.

Expanded Oracle Digital Assistant capabilities: Empowers recruiters to communicate with candidates in a conversational manner and from any device. New capabilities in Oracle Digital Assistant enable candidates to sign up for and check into recruiting events, receive job recommendations based on preferences and qualifications, complete job applications, answer prescreening questions, and schedule interviews. It can now also conduct candidate surveys to help recruiters better understand overall sentiment. With artificial intelligence (AI) automating key steps of the hiring process, recruiters and candidates can save time and effort on administrative tasks and communicate more efficiently.

Interview management: Streamlines the interview scheduling process and gives recruiters deep visibility into which interviews are taking place for specific candidate groups, requisitions, or events. With this new feature, recruiting teams can view all candidate and interview information in one centralized location, including interview schedules, feedback, and availability preferences. Additionally, Oracle Recruiting Booster automatically identifies ideal times for interviews that align with the hiring team’s availability.

Oracle Recruiting is aimed at delivering better candidate experiences, drive internal mobility, improve recruiter efficiency, and unify recruiting across the enterprise.

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