Orbita Widens COVID-19 Bot Solutions


Orbita has expanded its solution offerings to support health systems, hospitals, employers, and government agencies now managing wide-ranging populations with limited resources in response to COVID-19.

Orbita has rolled out three new omnichannel solutions: COVID-19 Navigator, COVID-19 Health Check, and COVID-19 Employee Health Check. All provide capabilities for robust screening and knowledge base-driven question-answering.

“Our mission around COVID-19 is to reach and help as many people as possible as quickly as possible. Working with our partners, we quickly saw the need to deliver solutions that go beyond the basic web bots that are now proliferating. There’s a true demand for solutions that delivers richer, more relevant experiences to support people across all stages of care and recovery and across all channels — including phone, text message, web and mobile chatbot,” said Kristi Ebong, MPH, MBA, Orbita SVP of Strategy.

“Some of the highest risk populations, especially our aging loved ones, can’t access chatbots. It’s critical that we have a way to check in with them throughout this crisis.”

On March 17, 2020, Orbita made available its no-cost Orbita COVID-19 chatbot with a rich knowledge base designed deliver COVID-19-specific screening and question-answering.

According to the company, major hospital systems are now using Orbita solutions to provide COVID-19 screenings and deliver comprehensive educational information. Orbita’s COVID-19 Employee Health Check solution is supporting manufacturers and other essential businesses to keep their employees healthy and well-supported as they work around the clock to respond to this crisis.