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Run Kubernetes Everywhere – Rancher 2.4 Released

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Rancher Labs has announced the general availability of Rancher 2.4. With Rancher 2.4, Rancher Labs is delivering the scalability, management, and security capabilities required to support Kubernetes at edge scale.

“Rancher 2.4 is the latest proof point in our ‘Run Kubernetes Everywhere’ strategy, and further distances us from the considerable gaps in scalability, complexity, and openness that currently affect alternative solutions,” said Sheng Liang, CEO at Rancher Labs.

  • Rancher 2.4 now supports 2,000 clusters and 100,000 nodes. Additionally, the Rancher 2.4 architecture has been enhanced to provide a path to supporting 1 million clusters in an upcoming release.
  • Ideal for cluster management, upgrades and patches where clusters may not have fixed or stable network connection, Rancher 2.4 can kick off an upgrade remotely, but the process is managed on local K3s clusters.
  • Rancher 2.4 enables zero downtime maintenance, allowing organizations to upgrade Kubernetes clusters and nodes without application interruption. Additionally, users can select and configure their upgrade strategy for add-ons so that DNS and Ingress do not experience service disruption.
  • Rancher 2.4 introduces CIS Scan, which allows users to run ad-hoc security scans of their RKE clusters against 100+ CIS benchmarks published by the Centre for Internet Security and considered the de facto definition of a secure Kubernetes cluster.

Rancher 2.4 is now available in a Hosted Rancher deployment, offering every customer a dedicated AWS instance of a Rancher Server management control plan.