OVHcloud US, the global alternative to hyperscalers offering flexible cloud solutions, launched their Startup Program to accelerate startups’ journey to the cloud. This 12-month program offers up to $120,000 in free credits and up to 20 hours of technical consultations where members in the early stages of development can design a minimum viable product or even build the optimal infrastructure to scale rapidly to reach new markets.

“At OVHcloud US, we believe in innovation for freedom,” said Startup Program Lead US, Francois Giraud. “OVHcloud launched the global Startup Program in 2015 having already supported 3,300 startups and scaleups, and we are thrilled to kick off the program in the U.S. Our Startup Program allows us to be hands-on with our members and to provide personal customer service that companies will not find at other cloud providers. Whether they are an early-stage startup or an established startup looking to scale, our goal is to see the members of this program succeed and grow their businesses. We personalize the experience of each member to provide tools and guidance they need to help them build a secure, high-performance cloud environment.”

Companies and startups across all verticals are invited to join the program. OVHcloud US products can support digital businesses requiring rapid, flexible, and affordable scaling of cloud infrastructure and those using data-intensive technologies.

Benefiting from an open cloud with no hidden fees, no vendor lock-in, and transparent pricing, Startup Program members can enjoy the high performance, scalability, and sustainability of OVHcloud US’ solutions at a lower price point.

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