RKVST has been granted a U.S. patent that enables practical scale for blockchains, putting an end to the limitless storage requirements that come with ever-growing transaction data, improving scalability, performance, availability and cost.

The patent on Data Structure Storage Optimisation, invented by Jon Geater and Mansoor Ahmed-Rengers, enables more flexible storage of the chain data in parts without losing the end-to-end cryptographic verifiability of the chain. This addresses fears and costs of maintaining ever-growing data.

Jon Geater, co-founder and chief product officer, RKVST, said, “At RKVST we’re working hard to make blockchain practical for real-world, enterprise use. The RKVST blockchain-powered platform provides proof of origin, proof of provenance and proof of authenticity for any data, which is fundamental for any supply chain. In implementing the technology behind this patent, we can deliver portable data integrity, transparency and trust for the long term without the burden of ever-increasing operational overheads.”

RKVST was built to eliminate time-wasting, expensive and error-prone processes required today to verify and validate information as it flows between companies, ensuring it is safe to use. The RKVST API is the fastest way to instantly prove who did what, when for any digital asset. It is available as a free forever basic service which anyone can use today at www.rkvst.com.

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