The US Army has selected Palantir Technologies to receive one of two prototype contracts for the Common Data Fabric and Data Security solution. The aim is to support network design experimentation for the Army’s next network modernization set of technology, termed Capability Set 23.

This marks the first time Palantir’s Gotham software is being integrated with the Army’s latest mission command software application, called the Command Post Computing Environment (CPCE).

CPCE is now being fielded across the force, providing commanders with better visualization tools, common applications and new server infrastructure.

The prototype will work at the intersection of intelligence, mission planning and execution, providing a single, integrated solution to give commanders a global operational picture to make better data-driven decisions.

The prototype effort is being executed by the Army’s Network-Cross Functional Team (N-CFT) and Program Executive Office – Command Control Communications Tactical (PEO-C3T).

This is a two phased effort in which Palantir will configure its commercial solution for data management, a platform that is currently being used by hundreds of customers across government and commercial industries.

The first phase starts with integration and testing in an Army laboratory lab before fielding and evaluation with user touchpoints and soldier feedback during phase two.

When this solution is eventually transitioned to production, this will ultimately improve access to critical data for commanders, deliver efficient use of networks in denied and degraded battlefield environments, and increase the ability to collaborate with joint and allied partners.

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