PlainID Joins Hands With Microsoft’s Power BI To Strengthen Data Access Control


PlainID, the Authorization Company, has announced the launch of its PlainID Authorizer for Microsoft’s Power BI. The Authorizer will be available via the PlainID Authorization Platform, which provides central policy management for both SaaS and homegrown application as well as for leading API, microservices and data technologies.

Through this partnership, PlainID will help organizations control data access in Power BI by centralized management of the authorization policies in a consistent and standardized way. PlainID Authorizers are accessible for applications, APIs, microservices and data tools. The platform is intended to assist businesses in adopting and disseminating authorization policies at scale with minimal effort while providing enterprises with:

  • Streamlined Data Access: Centralize and automate policy management to reduce the manual effort required to enforce policies across BI tools and the data ecosystem, while increasing business agility and lowering operational expenses.
  • Reduced security gaps: Using a Policy-based Access Control Framework to ensure that policies are uniformly applied across the company.
  • Increased Visibility and Monitoring: Track access policies from a single dashboard that sends an alert when a policy changes.
  • Adapted to Evolving Requirements: Allow for quick updates and adjustments to stay up to date with changing business requirements, security threats or regulatory changes for compliance.