Prophecy.io has launched the new SaaS version of its low-code data engineering platform designed for data practitioners.

Backed with a $6 million investment from SignalFire and an investment from Ross Mason, founder of Mulesoft (acquired by Salesforce for $6.5 billion in 2018), Prophecy already has several Fortune 500 customers for its enterprise product.

According to the company, Prophecy delivers a two-way interoperable product, i.e. the changes made in the visual drag-and-drop editor are visible in the code editor, and vice-versa. It combines visual drag and drop development with agile software practices including code on git, tests, continuous integration, and deployment to production.

Prophecy also provides column-level lineage that enables users to track every value from the source systems all the way to final analytics.

The new SaaS product is free for up to three users.

While the Enterprise product works with all the major Spark distributions in multiple clouds and on-premises, the SaaS version will launch initially on Databricks (AWS, Azure, and GCP clouds), and later will be expanded to other Spark providers.

Prophecy provides a smart solution to the long-standing problem of the lack of available Spark coder talent. The generated code is all based on Spark (for batch and streaming dataflows) and Airflow (for scheduling), avoiding the lock-in of proprietary formats.

The intuitive and easy-to-use interface means any data practitioner can use Prophecy to develop and deploy data pipelines rapidly.

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