Quantum Corporation has announced new features in the company’s end-to-end data platform, including advances to its policy-driven data movement technologies, to help customers build their ideal hybrid cloud workflow to seamlessly bridge on-prem deployments with multi-cloud integration.

With these new features, customers can place data exactly where it’s needed, when it’s needed. By using a highly flexible and powerful hybrid cloud environment, customers increase operations agility, reduce business risk, and optimize costs across on-prem and public cloud resources.

New capabilities include:

  • Quantum DXi Cloud Share: DXi backup appliances have long delivered high performance, scalable backup, data protection, and disaster recovery across sites to give customers trusted business continuity. With DXi Cloud Share, customers get even more flexibility as DXi appliances can now tier compressed, deduplicated backup data sets to both private and public storage clouds, including Quantum ActiveScale, providing up to 70 times more efficient use of cloud storage. This reduces business risks and costs, enabling offsite protection against ransomware and long-term retention of backup data for regulatory and in-house data compliance.
  • Quantum FlexSync 3: FlexSync for years has been a trusted data mover of files to and from Quantum StorNext collaborative shared storage environments, and now FlexSync 3 adds fast, simple data replication to and from public and private clouds, including Quantum ActiveScale and in a future release, Quantum Myriad. FlexSync 3 provides a versatile data movement tool across Quantum’s entire end-to-end portfolio, enabling customers to unite multiple on-premises and public cloud workflows across geographies with a shared, centralized object repository. This enables better collaboration among dispersed teams and delivers enhanced data protection and disaster recovery.
  • Quantum ActiveScale Cold Replication: As organizations continue to collect, retain and analyze petabytes to exabytes of data with advanced AI analytics, they must reduce the total cost of ownership required to preserve this data. The ActiveScale object storage platform now provides the industry’s first and only immutable object replication between cold data services, replicating cold data between ActiveScale systems, as well as replicating ActiveScale cold data to AWS S3 Glacier Flexible Retrieval and Glacier Deep Archive Services. For massive data sets whose useful life spans from years to decades, ActiveScale Cold Replication delivers the most durable, cost-effective multi-copy solution for long-term retention so customers can analyze and derive insights from their data to drive business forward.

The new ActiveScale Cold Replication feature and FlexSync 3 are available immediately. DXi Cloud Share is planned for release in Q4 2023. FlexSync 3 for Myriad is planned for release next year.

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