Red Hat has announced the general availability of Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform on Microsoft Azure, enabling IT organizations to quickly automate and scale in the cloud, with the flexibility to deliver any application, anywhere, without additional overhead or complexity.

With Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform on Azure, developers can benefit from low overhead, integrated billing with Microsoft, the latest Ansible Automation Platform features, and packaged cloud content. To get started faster, Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform on Azure developers can use out-of-the-box automation content that includes existing automation processes unique to the Azure experience. Developers can migrate applications and resources as they transition to the cloud, helping to accelerate the adoption and value of automation.

Ansible Automation Platform 2 added self-contained automation capabilities to meet developers wherever they are, whether via managed service providers, their own datacenters, at the edge or in cloud marketplaces like Azure. According to the company, new capabilities in Ansible Automation Platform 2.2 make it even more powerful on Azure.

For example, Ansible content signing technology validates automation content. It thus empowers IT teams to use varied content sources, whether from Red Hat Ansible Certified Content Collections or the Ansible community, with confidence that the content is suitable for their organization’s systems security and compliance needs.

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform on Azure is generally available across North America with global availability coming soon. The Ansible Automation Platform 2.2 features are available for developers in tech preview.

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