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Red Hat OpenShift Now Supports GitHub Actions


Red Hat and GitHub have announced extended collaboration between the two companies, emphasizing Red Hat OpenShift through GitHub Actions and more.

As part of the collaboration, Red Hat is adding Red Hat GitHub Actions to the GitHub Marketplace, bringing GitHub’s DevOps, continuous integration/continuous development (CI/CD) and developer workflow automation tools to Red Hat OpenShift.

Red Hat OpenShift now supports GitHub Actions, enabling organizations to standardize and scale their use of open, standardized developer toolchain components like Quay, Buildah, or Source-to-Image (s2i). This helps to meet developers where they are and provides greater choice and flexibility to OpenShift customers in how they build and deploy applications.

The new GitHub Actions for Red Hat OpenShift, along with existing actions on GitHub Marketplace and action workflows, make it possible to achieve simple as well as complex application workflows on Red Hat’s enterprise Kubernetes platform using an extensive array of standards-based tools.

GitHub has also joined OpenShift Commons, a community that helps drive connections and collaboration across the OpenShift ecosystem. Beyond Actions and GitHub Marketplace, Red Hat and GitHub are also exploring self-hosted GitHub runners for OpenShift.

GitHub Actions on Red Hat OpenShift are available now via GitHub Marketplace.