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API security company Salt Security has joined the MuleSoft Technology Partner Program and has contributed to the partner ecosystem by releasing the MuleSoft Certified Connector for Salt.

The Salt connector enables organizations to easily integrate the Salt Security API Protection Platform with data from any system – no matter where it resides – and will be available in Anypoint Exchange for all of MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform users to access.

The Salt platform complements MuleSoft’s technology and security capabilities to provide joint customers with API visibility across the entire application landscape, granular context about APIs and their unique business logic, continuous discovery of APIs and the sensitive data they expose, and runtime detection and blocking of API attacks early, while attackers are still in their reconnaissance phase.

MuleSoft’s security capabilities include built-in identity management and encryption modules to ensure automated security and thread protection at every layer.

The Salt platform deploys in customer environments easily, via a MuleSoft policy, tap port into a network device, or sidecar in a Kubernetes environment to get a mirrored copy of all API traffic. The Salt solution requires no agents, code changes, configuration, or tuning.

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