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SIOS Announces Lineup Of Featured Speakers For Its Cloud Availability Symposium 2023 SQL Server Session


SIOS Technology has announced the lineup of featured speakers for the SQL Server Session of its SIOS Cloud Availability Symposium 2023: Disaster Recovery Mastery, the event dedicated to HA/DR for critical applications in the cloud, held on November 8.

SIOS Cloud Availability Symposium is a global virtual conference for IT professionals focusing on the availability needs of the enterprise IT customer. Whether attendees are interested in learning the fundamentals of availability in the cloud or hearing about the latest developments in application and database protection, this event will deliver the information needed on application high availability clustering, disaster recovery, and protecting applications now and into the future.

Cloud Availability Symposium for SQL Server/Windows – November 8th

Disaster Recovery Mastery – With real-world examples and practical insights, HA/DR expert speakers will discuss the nuances and best practices of HA/DR for SQL Server environments specific industries and use cases as well as guidance on optimizing configuration and management.

Featured Sessions include:

  • Understanding SQL Server Storage Options in Cloud. Speaker: Joey D’Antoni, Principal Consultant at Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting
  • Navigating Cloud SLAs and Ensuring Application-Level Resilience. Speaker: Dave Bermingham, Director of Customer Success, SIOS Technology and MS MVP Emeritus, Windows Server Failover Clustering and Cloud and Data Center Management
  • High Availability Strategies for 24/7 Operations in Financial Services Organizations. Speaker: Todd Doane, Solutions Architect, SIOS Technology
  • Mastering Disaster Recovery for SQL Server in Building Management and Security. Speaker: Todd Doane, Solutions Architect, SIOS Technology

As technology advances, IT teams need to adapt their thinking about application availability, performance, and efficiency. “The SIOS Cloud Availability Symposium offers valuable insights and the guidance of industry leading experts to help IT professionals implement effective SQL HA/DR strategies for both their current and future SQL Server Session environments,” said Margaret Hoagland, Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing, SIOS Technology.