Do you recall the famous interview where a work from home dad’s BBC interview was interrupted by his kids invading his office? I am sure he wished there was a capability to add background blur all of those shenanigans of his kids.

After adding the ‘background blurring’ feature to its Teams tool last summer, Microsoft has now included the same option to Skype on the desktop.

Powered by AI, the feature can detect human form including your hair, hands and arms, to ensure your image remains in focus during a video call.

The new feature is available in the Skype version 8 for most desktops and laptops. In case you are wondering how to enable it, you simply need to hover over the video button and opt for “blur my background.”

The software giant says it does its best to blur your surroundings but there is a word of caution too. The feature, though, does not guarantee that everything will always be blurred.

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