…at least when it comes to cloud native projects hosted by CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation). If you thought Google’s dominance over CNCF code contributions is because of Kubernetes, the latest data from Stackalytics reveals a different picture.

Google is the largest contributor across projects of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) with 52.9% of all code commits, according to analysis done via Stackalytics, an open source code analysis framework hosted by the OpenStack Foundation. It also reveals that Google dwarfs the second largest contributor, Red Hat, whose contributions stand at a mere 7.4%.

CNCF projects include Kubernetes, Prometheus, Envoy and a number of others.

Boris Renski, Co-Founder and CMO at Mirantis, said “In fact, it is GRPC, a Google dominated distributed queuing project that is still in CNCF incubation, that has the most all-time commits from Google, with Kubernetes in second place.”

According to the latest data, Google’s third most active CNCF project, after GRPC and Kubernetes, is a little known project called Vitess, a MySQL clustering for horizontal scaling.

It also revealed that individual projects are frequently driven primarily by a single company. For instance, 64% of contributions to Jaeger come from Uber and 48% of FluentD code commits are from TreasureData.

Interestingly, the only CNCF project with less than 40% dominance by a single vendor is Prometheus.

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