SoftIron DCD Tech Showcase Redefines Ceph Ease-of-Use


SoftIron Ltd is demonstrating its HyperDrive Management Tool V1.0 release today in the North American region. The demo showcases SoftIron’s feature-rich management tool which abstracts away much of the complexity of working with Ceph, the open-source software defined storage platform.

It is aimed at providing a powerful and simple interface for system administrators to remotely manage their HyperDrive storage clusters as an integrated software and hardware system.

“There’s a misconception that the hardware doesn’t matter in a software defined data center. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Ceph is the undeniable open source leader in software defined storage, but system administrators often struggle in maximizing its capabilities because of how complex it can be,” said Phil Straw, CEO of SoftIron.

“Because, uniquely, we build task specific appliances optimized for Ceph, we can tackle that complexity challenge and engineer a truly enterprise class, integrated experience, ready to be easily deployed at scale, and with blistering performance,” Straw added.

During the showcase, SoftIron will demonstrate the sleek graphical user interface that replaces Ceph’s native command-line configuration and unique integration of hardware configuration and management of the HyperDrive storage appliances on which Ceph is deployed.

The ease and simplicity that the HyperDrive Management Tool brings to administering Ceph based HyperDrive storage infrastructure delivers an enterprise class, yet still open source, experience.

The DCD Tech Showcase will take place in EMEA and APAC regions during a series of DCD Tech Showcase webinars in subsequent weeks.