SoftIron has launched its Ceph-optimized, software-defined storage appliance family called HyperDrive Performance+. Leveraging the AMD EPYC 3000 processor, the new Performance+ family debuts the company’s first x86 CPU and NVMe SSD-based designs to be introduced in its HyperDrive series of storage appliances.

With the initial appliances in the HyperDrive Performance+ family (Models HD61026 and HD61052), SoftIron is targeting edge computing deployments, where high-performance, low latency operation is needed in situations where space, power, and cooling are challenges.

According to the company, the new appliances are ideal in use cases where powerful and efficient compact clusters are desired in order to ingest data as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. These include applications such as media and entertainment content delivery, CGI rendering, tier one research computing, fintech applications, and AI training.

HyperDrive Performance+ appliances consume less than 250W of power each and provide line-rate throughput with 25GbE network connectivity, providing an ideal balance of performance and power for edge and remote workloads.

Used in conjunction with other members of the HyperDrive family, and capitalizing on the automatic tiering capabilities of Ceph, Performance+ appliances are also an ideal solution in larger storage infrastructures for the provision of a high performance caching tier over less powerful, but more cost-effective spinning disk-based deployments.

The SoftIron HyperDrive Performance+ family of products are now available for POC and purchase.

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