An electric concept car from Sony turned out to be a big surprise for attendees at this year’s CES. Called the Sony Vision-S, the prototype is meant to showcase the company’s efforts “in the area of mobility” such as pursuing safety, reliability, comfort and entertainment.

The Vision-S comes equipped with 33 different sensors inside and outside of the car, multiple widescreen displays, as well as 360 reality audio for immersive audio experience. It also features Sony’s imaging and sensing technologies, as well as on-board software regulated using Sony’s AI, telecommunication and cloud technologies. The prototype is also said to be powered by a newly-designed EV platform apparently engineered by Magna.

As reported by Engadget, Sony worked with a number of companies such as Bosch, Continental, NVIDIA and Qualcomm, to create the prototype sedan.

Sony said it plans to continue to combine its advanced technologies to deliver greater safety and reliability, while also inspiring new emotion through in-car entertainment experiences.

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