It’s now possible to split your Terminal window into multiple panes! Well, Microsoft has released a fresh preview of its open-sourced Windows Terminal with a new ‘panes’ feature.

Labelled as Windows Terminal preview version 0.7, the release lets users have multiple command prompts open at the same time within the same tab.

Windows Terminal preview version 0.7 also allows you to reorder your tabs. However, Microsoft notes that reordering tabs when running Terminal as administrator will cause it to crash. Additionally, the UI of the tab will occasionally disappear when reordering. This issue is already being tracked on GitHub, Microsoft adds.

It is also possible to suppress all title change events that are sent from the application running within your Terminal. This means, you can have either the “name” or “tabTitle” of your profile appear in your tab without it updating.

Microsoft has plans to roll out Windows Terminal v1.0 in April next year. Until then, the software company will continue to release new Windows Terminal updates ahead of “Feature Complete” in December 2019.

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