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Sysdig’s New Tool Helps Cut Kubernetes Costs By 40%

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Sysdig, the unified cloud and container security company, has announced a cost-savings tool for Kubernetes environments running in the cloud. By combining cloud cost data with Kubernetes workload usage data in Sysdig Monitor, teams can significantly reduce cloud service provider bills, in some cases by hundreds of thousands of dollars. Additionally, Cost Advisor will help teams allocate the right Kubernetes costs to the right teams and eliminate the need for separate Kubernetes cost tools.

According to the CNCF FinOps for Kubernetes survey, 68% of people said their Kubernetes costs are rising. With the frenetic pace of development and autoscaling of cloud-native environments, costs can suddenly spiral out of control, especially when developers are given self-service deployment options.

According to the company, teams receive immediate, correlated cost visibility by combining cost, performance, and utilization data into a single tool. Intelligent suggestions identify potential savings (reduce wasted resources by an average of 40%) and make for easy remediation, including confidently making corrections at source without sacrificing performance.

By integrating cost data into the chargeback model, DevOps teams are aware of their actual usage and costs. With this information, organizations can start establishing FinOps best practices, including creating a culture of cost discipline so teams can adopt a shift left mindset while making better informed decisions.

Easy-to-set alerts enable teams to see when spending is rising faster than expected, enabling them to swiftly take corrective action before the next billing cycle. Teams can also use Sysdig Monitor to eliminate the need for separate Kubernetes cost tools by consolidating monitoring and cost management into a single tool. Cost Advisor automatically integrates with cloud providers with no additional components to install or manage.