Couchbase, the cloud database platform company, has announced new enhancements to its database-as-a-service (DBaaS) Couchbase Capella. According to the company, the newly designed Capella user experience is inspired by popular technologies that millions of developers already use to build modern applications. Because of this sense of familiarity, the new Capella experience boosts productivity so developers can more easily build next-generation applications.

The fresh user interface presents key developer tools, tasks and journeys front and center when building applications with Capella. Developers that are new to Capella will find it familiar, with design and navigation inspired by popular developer-centric tools like GitHub. Additionally, in-product help and tutorials have evolved and are easier to find, making it quicker to get answers if questions arise.

Capella now features a new high-data density storage engine with new compute and storage advantages. For example, performance processing is up to 4x faster while utilizing up to 10x less memory. With Capella, customers can optimize towards smaller, more-affordable clusters that hold and process more data with higher processing throughput power.

Capella also now offers enhanced security and single sign-on capabilities. Additionally, Capella and Couchbase have successfully completed a SOC 2 Type II audit and can support customers in the building of HIPAA-compliant applications.

In addition to investing in the Capella developer experience, Couchbase is also investing in and committed to growing its developer community. Designed to support and empower Couchbase’s growing community of users and contributors, the new Couchbase Ambassador Program allows developers to share their knowledge and expertise with broader developer audiences. The program provides tools and resources to empower ambassadors to speak at events, organize community meetups and create content to grow the Couchbase community.

Additionally, the newly launched Couchbase Community Hub brings together users and contributors to foster increased sharing, learning and discovery. The Community Hub is a new space for the Couchbase developer community that complements the existing Couchbase Discord server and Couchbase Community Forums.

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