Tabnine Launches New Code Test Generation Tool For developers


Tabnine, the creators of the AI-powered assistant for developers, has announced test generation, a tool that provides automatic code testing to increase the efficiency of the software development process, is now available for beta sign-ups. Tabnine continues its evolution from its roots in code completion starting eight years ago, to its custom models and enterprise launch last year.

As an early adopter of generative AI, Tabnine provides cutting-edge technology that creates tests for code automatically, freeing up developer time, catching more errors, and lowering frustration — ultimately leading to better testing and a more rapid development lifecycle. With more than one million monthly users and hundreds of thousands of daily active users, Tabnine is the market leader in AI-assisted software development.

With test generation, Tabnine users can now:

● Generate tests for multiple programming languages, including Python, Java, and Javascript
● Easily integrate with their existing development environment, including popular integrated development environment (IDEs) such as Visual Studio Code and JetBrains
● Write more efficiently with a tool that learns from their code as it is written to match the users’ specific coding style and patterns
● Experience a simple and intuitive user interface that requires minimal deviation from their workflow

Beta for test generation is available for sign-ups now and will be generally available in Q2 2023.