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The Death Of Subscription And The Rise Of PLG | 2023 Predictions By Amberflo


Guest: Puneet Gupta (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Company: Amberflo (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Amberflo is a metering platform that enables companies to build and deploy usage-based pricing and billing. In this episode of 2023 Predictions, Co-Founder and CEO Puneet Gupta shares what’s on his industry radar for this new year.

In 2023, Gupta predicts:

  • The rise of product-led growth (PLG), i.e., put your product out and then invite prospects into the product. This eliminates the traditional sales cycle where the company needs a salesperson to provision the account, bring in the prospects, give them an experience, and provide a path forward.
  • Usage-based pricing will be required for PLG.
  • The death of subscription, mainly due to subscription fatigue (no system to account for number of subscriptions, renewal cycle, number of subscribers) and overhang (every step entails a negotiation process — initial subscription, renewal, cancellation).

This year, Amberflo will focus on:

  • Growth and customer traction.
  • Bringing awareness to companies on why usage-based pricing is the best option for both sides, especially in an economic downturn. It’s a win for their customers: no need to unsubscribe or cancel, just dial down their usage. It’s a win for the business: no need to restart the whole sales cycle with new customer acquisition costs because the customer is still onboard, just dormant for the time being.