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The Last Line Of Defense Against Cyberattacks


Guest: Gaurav Rishi (LinkedIn)
Company: Kasten by Veeam (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Show: To The Point
Keywords: Cybersecurity, Cyberattacks

Backups are essentially your last line of defense in the case of a cyberattack. Organizations need to make sure they have policies in place that are automatically backing up the applications. One of the developments being seen in increasingly sophisticated attacks, is that not only do they take over the clusters but also the backup retention storage units. Gaurav Rishi, Vice President of Products & Cloud Native at Kasten by Veeam, explains why having immutability with the backup retention storage units is so important. He goes on to discuss why it is preferable in recovery to not be tied to a particular type of underlying storage infrastructure or particular Kubernetes distribution.

About Gaurav Rishi: Gaurav Rishi is the VP of Product at Kasten by Veeam. He is at the forefront of several Kubernetes ecosystem partnerships and has been a frequent speaker and author on cloud-native innovations. He previously led Strategy and Product Management for Cisco’s Cloud Media Processing business. In addition to launching multiple products and growing them to >$100M in revenues, he was also instrumental in several M&A transactions. Gaurav is a computer science graduate and has an MBA from the Wharton School.

About Kasten by Veeam: Kasten by Veeam is the Kubernetes backup leader. Kasten K10, a Cloud Native data management platform, enables Kubernetes backup/restore, disaster recovery and application mobility.

The summary of the show is written by Emily Nicholls.